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Allied Fintech is geared up to help you power up your transactions digitally through developing cryptocurrencies that are accessible to a large number of users worldwide. The growing demand for digital currencies in different financial institutions enables us to provide a well-curated development system that your business can take advantage of.

We are here to solely support businesses in every stage of crypto coin development and unleash its maximum potential to serve its main purpose for your business growth.

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Types of Cryptocurrencies



It is the first and leading digital currency that serves its concept as virtual money which is widely used in peer-to-peer transactions. This currency is not controlled by any person or entity of authority. This currency has been challenged by its highs and lows but users worldwide adopted it progressively.



Altcoins are other cryptocurrencies that are used as an alternative to the original coin. These types of coins are either improved versions of another or less.



Unlike other digital currencies, Token doesn’t have its own blockchain but resides on it to be used for trading, reward, or even used as another form of currency.

It can be distributed by ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings as a crowdfunding solution.

Wonder which type of cryptocurrency you are digging to launch?

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Fork Existing Blockchain Protocol

Allied Fintech has an intelligent engineered strategy of creating an entirely new protocol to fork existing blockchains. Together we will help you tap into the cryptocurrency ecosphere with your own crypto coin.

Create A New Blockchain

To ensure efficient crypto coin development our experts are driven to reinforce a mission-based journey of helping businesses build a completely new blockchain from the beginning and journey onwards to launching.

Types of Tokens

  • Security Tokens
  • Utility Tokens
  • Equity Tokens
  • Non-fungible Tokens

Token Issuance Platforms













We at Allied Fintech align our token development services with our client’s needs and provides solutions accordingly as our expert engineers integrate their modern practices to adapt digitally,

We are here to help businesses leverage fundraising opportunities through tokenizing their assets.

Token Development

Allied Fintech Cryptocurrency Development Services

Non-Fungible Token Development
Security Token Offering
Wallet Development
Wallet Development
White Paper
White Paper Creation
smart contract development
Smart Contract Development
STO marketing
ICO and STO Marketing

Features of Tokenization


Programmable equity


Fractionalization of larger assets


Increase in liquidity

Automated SEC

Automated SEC compliance

Secure Wallet

Secure wallet

global capitalization

Global capital investment

greater market

Greater market efficiency

no intermediaries

No intermediaries

Customized Blockchain

Customized blockchain

Smart Contract

Tailord smart contracts

Your Business Advantage on Launching a Cryptocurrency

Demographic Users

Access to new demographic users

Capital Flow

New capital flow

Industry leaders

Positioning as an industry leaders

new opportunities

Access to new opportunities

business growth

Business growth

Powered Solutions

Crypto-powered solutions

Why Choose Allied Fintech for Developing Cryptocurrency

technical masters

Technical Mastery

Reliable Team

Expert & Reliable Team

swift deveopment

Swift Development

Complete Support

Complete Support




Here are the steps which you need to follow to create a crypto coin or token: 

  • Understand the basics of crypto
  • Build a blockchain
  • Build a custom token
  • Create maintenance and roadmap
  • Market your token

Cryptocurrency is the best alternative to fiat currency, offering benefits like immediate settlement of transactions, lower transaction fee, access to everyone, more confidential transactions, and more.

When a crypto coin or token is generated, it is stored in a completely secure wallet. Then the coins/tokens are further sent to another wallet. Each transaction gets appended to the blockchain and verified by the mining activity in the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency is allowing people to transact on their own terms. Each user can send or receive payments similarly to cash. Cryptocurrency always leaves a valid proof that a transaction did take place, which can potentially benefit in a case when someone tries to do a fraudulent transaction.

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