Allied Fintech provides consulting and development services and strategic partnerships for a range of services in the finance and finance related industry, namely:

Financial Services Licensing

Allied Fintech provides a comprehensive service for financial licensing, compliance, operation and management, policies and procedures, sales and marketing

Banking & Payment Solutions

We offer a guaranteed service for bank account opening in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia with either new or existing companies.

Advisory & Consulting Services

Allied Fintech provides advisory and consulting services for various aspects in the financial services industry, whether you need advice on the best financial license for your specific needs

Corporate Services

Allied Fintech also provides corporate services such as company formation, secretarial services, record keeping, bookkeeping and accounting, reporting compliance and policies and procedures.


Allied Fintech offers a revolutionary platform that offers an e-wallet, issuing and acquiring services plus much more.

Brokerage & Currency Exchange Services

Allied Fintech provides comprehensive services, whether for a new or existing exchange.

Marketing Solutions

Our marketing partners will help you launch and market your business to enable you to grow and scale in a relatively short period of time.

Liquidity Providers

If you are in the Crypto and Forex industry and are looking for competitive rates and comprehensive liquidity providers, please contact us and we can help you meet your needs.

Crypto Solutions

We provide Crypto development solutions to find innovative solutions where Blockchain technology can disrupt industries by providing a more efficient method of undertaking that particular activity.

Software Development

We work with some software development companies and can act as an advisor or consultant to help our clients develop their software solution

White Label Packages

With the wide range of white label solutions that Allied Fintech can facilitate, we can create a full-solution package for you and your clients.


Allied Fintech offers coin, token and NFT development services to enable your business to grow by adopting these innovative and dynamic technologies that are disrupting industries with digital technologies.

Financial Services Licensing

Financial Services

Allied Fintech provides a comprehensive service for financial licensing, compliance, operation and management, policies and procedures, sales and marketing and business development.

No financial institution can conduct a business without first obtaining a financial license and registration from the country or state in which it intends to operate. However, applying for a financial license involves a rather lengthy process, not to mention the long list of requirements you need to comply with. But there is a far better solution that will save you from having to handle all the work by yourself.

Whatever type of license you need and whichever jurisdiction you prefer, we can help you obtain not only the financial license you need, but also the supporting business services you may need to operate and grow your business.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry enables us to provide the best possible solution for all your needs. We are able to provide you with the required information to make the best decision of which license and jurisdiction is best suited to your businesses specific goals and objectives, which includes the criteria, requirements, costs, process, documentation, timeframe and ongoing obligations to obtain a financial license and operate in different jurisdictions.

Financial Licensing can be provided for the following financial services:

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Asset Management Licensing

Bank Licensing

Crypto Licensing

Forex Licensing

Payment Licensing