Software Development (Fintech & Blockchain)

Software Development (Fintech & Blockchain)

Software Development

Allied Fintech works with some software development companies and can act as an advisor or consultant to help our clients develop their software solution.

Members in our team have been in the payments industry since 2009 and worked on several cards and wallets programs from commercialisation, strategy, product and program management aspects.

We can engage on a program or project basis based on milestones and timeframes, supporting key stakeholders as a consultant to drive the initiatives from any aspects, especially critical aspects.

Services provided:

  1. Ideation – Gap Identification
  2. Product proposition, mapping & roadmap
  3. Program planning and dependencies
  4. Technology stack (build vs buy vs hybrid approach) (participate/assess/provide inputs) 

4a. Technology architecture (evaluation/inputs)
4b. Requirements Scoping
4c. Customer Journey Mapping
4d. Project Planning
4e. Vendor selection/tracking

5. Vendor Identification, assessment and financials

5a. Bin Sponsors/Program Partners
5b. Scheme Selection
5c. Process Mapping & Dependencies
5d. Selection & Contracts

6. Affinity partnerships and channels
7. Regional or Global Sales
8. Growth Strategy